30 August 2014 @ 07:16 am
UGH, my ugly face may be in a regional newspaper next week or the week after (please let it be the week after, then I won't be around for the humiliation ;_______;)


(unless they put it up on their website too, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

It all started yesterday morning before opening the pharmacy. The phone rang and I answered it and it was a journalist from the regional newspaper asking for permission for their photographer to stop by and take some photos for their newspaper in relation to an article they want to make about the small pharmacies in the rural areas of Denmark (which is due to a longer, more political story going on currently).

I wasn't comfortable with giving full permission but we agreed that he could stop by and take photos under the agreement that they'll contact my boss when she's back to ask for the final permission, since it makes the most sense to let her have the final word.


Of course on the day OF ALL DAYS where my hair's a total haystack due to the damp weather. And the skin on my face is all "PIZZA". And I have the biggest bags under my eyes.

My life.
26 August 2014 @ 04:51 pm
My dad's chickens are dead. Killed by a mink or similar.

24 August 2014 @ 06:48 pm
I've had my parents over for the weekend, mainly because I still had a few things I needed my dad's help to hang up. I don't have a drill machine and I have zero skills handling one of those beasts either so it's nice my dad could help me out.

Also I bought an additional shelf from IKEA so my little "reading corner" would look better and not have this huge gap of bare wall (which actually made it seem really small and iffy). My last two wall shelves also needed to be placed somewhere as well as the memory boards I have since the last bit of my Pokémon collection still needed to be put up.

For reference here are the photos of my apartment jusy as I moved in and after having arranged most of my collection.

Final furniture arrangementsCollapse )

So that was my weekend! Two more weeks of work and I'll have a much-needed vacation. Going to Wernigerode, Harzen, Germany on Sep 10th and five days onwards. Can't wait! :D
20 August 2014 @ 09:30 pm
So about that car with the unregistered license plate my neighbours have been having over.

After the police stopped by in the weekend the car had been gone. Except for yesterday morning and this morning. And I couldn't help but notice the car suddenly had new license plates on it (that's some way to avoid having to pay a parking ticket, amirite?). So I once again took a photo and then looked it up, but alas, still not a registered license plate.
So this time I called the police myself and they could inform me that the license plate has been reported stolen. So they were VERY happy that I called. And rushed on over.

Sadly I had to leave for work before they showed up but the car's gone again and I HOOOOPE they've gotten a sanction that hurts. Like, a really huge fine or something. But for good measure I'll keep an eye out in case the car shows up AGAIN and with a different license plate a second time.

I live next to some fucking thieves. Like it wasn't bad enough I lived next to a drugged psychopath, I hate Southern Denmark :|
16 August 2014 @ 09:29 pm
Alright, so hear this.

This morning I headed out to my car to leave for work.

As I passed my neigbours' car I noticed a note stuck in the windshield wiper. Curious bastard I am, I looked closer and saw it was a parking ticket.

Bwahahaha, that shit costs 650 DKK (approx. $120)!

As I always document whatever I notice regarding my neighbours I took a photo of it and then headed for work.
After getting home in the late afternoon their car was gone so at least I could enjoy some peace and quiet. I inspected the photo I took closer and noticed something didn't add up. The parking ticket described the number of the car's license plate, what brand the car is as well as what colour it is, as well as time and date and where the ticket was given.

That ticket was for an entirely different car. Huh.

Later my neighbours and their friends came home. So there were a lot of cars around. As I was heading out to throw out some trash I looked at the cars and one of them fit perfectly on the characteristics of the car that had gotten a ticket. I took a photo of that car to compare and true enough. The license plate had the exact same number.

Since I don't trust my neighbours to be decent people I decided to look up the license plate number on the online car database, but for some reason there was no data? Which is weird as all cars must be registered. So I texted my bro to ask what to do and he offered to call the police for me since it indicated the car was illegal.
AND TRUE ENOUGH. Although there's technically nothing wrong with having an unregistered car parked, the moment they drive in it, they're in for a pretty nasty sanction. I asked if the photo of the parking ticket given the day before in an entirely different city wasn't proof enough that the car had been driven in, but apparently it's not proof enough if the police themselves can't catch them in the act.

But for good measure, they'd stop by later to have a "friendly" chat with my neighbours and their friends.

And from having to deal with all the noise they had been making all evening, everything suddenly went pleasantly quiet.

13 August 2014 @ 09:20 pm
My neighbours are arguing loudly again.

Couldn't help but laugh at what they were arguing about.

The man yelled aggressively, and I quote: "WHY CAN'T WE SPEAK PROPERLY WITH EACHOTHER?!?!??!?!

Well, gee....
10 August 2014 @ 08:14 pm
Beeeh, my neighbours seem to have returned full-throttle. Minus loose dogs, bless.

They've been argeing loudly all weekend. Yesterday I heard the guy loudly complain how the woman still rejects him, they haven't done "it" forever, why did they have so many kids (he failed to see the pattern, I guess), it upsets him she treats him so bad, she's such a dumb whore anyway, why can't she use her stupid brain some more, then he began to cry and whined that he fucking loved her and so on and so forth. I just sighed at the whole thing, put on my headphones and listened to some music.
Later they drove away and returned late in the evening and I could at least stand the rest of the day that way.

Then today I woke up due to them arguing again, this time because the kids apparently spilled something which made the guy ragexplode. Then they slammed some doors and yelled some more and then they drove away. Well, okay then!

Some hours later I headed out to my car so I could go to the gym and when I passed my neighbours' windows I heard their youngest child cry loudly. The child was in the room furthest away from my home so I haven't heard anything until I was outside. Until then I assumed everybody had left - so I feared they had left their youngest home all alone?! The kid's only one year old! I had to assume one of the "adults" (as adult as they can be, anyway) was at home sleeping or something since I couldn't really do anything. I'm not proud of just leaving but I can't take care of a one year old I don't know nor could I possibly contact any proper authority on a Sunday. All of their kids cry on a daily basis, it's so damn miserable.

After workout and some minor shopping, I came back home, my neighbours' car still being absent. As I was closing my garage door, I noticed someone approaching me from behind and when I turned around I was greeted by an old man I haven't seen since before moving in here. We shook hands and he commented how he haven't had a chance to talk to me since I moved in. And then he asked, in a low voice, how it was going with those neighbours? I know he's been very bothered by them for a long time because of their loose dogs and ill-behaved children (the dogs run around in his garden and soil everywhere and the children try to steal his robot lawnmower or ruin his flowers) so I knew perfectly well why he wanted to know how bothered I've been by them.

I could've pretty much taken out a scroll and let it roll all the way down the frickin' Germany to emphasize just how much shit they've done I could tell about. He revealed that he's confronted my neighbours many times with their loose dogs - even going so far as to having collected all the soil the dogs had left in his garden, shoved the shovel-full of it in one of my neighbours' faces and asked where to leave it. Haha!
I told the old man what I've experienced too, although the chat was the quick I didn't get around to tell about getting attacked by one of the dogs or the many times I've almost run them over. I did get to tell him about the inside-knowledge I have of the situation and it really should only be a matter of time now before they're gone. The old man commented he really looked forward to it because he's so sick and tired of these people. You're not alone, old man ;A;

Speaking of which, I should get an update of the whole thing this coming week. Or I'll darn well make sure I'll get it, I've waited patiently the whole summer!

I wonder if I should hold a party for the whole street once my neighbours have been kicked out?
09 August 2014 @ 09:01 am
The weather is really terrible right now, with stormy winds and crazy rain falls now and then.

A black bird has been sitting outside on my terrace the whole morning. Right next to the bowls with food and water. I don't know if it's injured or just resting from fighting the bad weather, but when thinking about it I heard a black bird's call last night before heading for bed. I sure hope it isn't the same bird and thus has been sitting there the whole night.

I'm too afraid to remove the blinds from my windows in my living room since the bird is right on the other side of it and I don't want to scare it away. So instead of using the light from outside I have to use the light from my lamps to see ^^;

If it's still there in a few hours I'll dare go outside to see if it's injured. At least it has food right next to it so I don't need to worry about it starving, I guess XD;

I had planned to walk into town (a 4 km walk) to get my new bike but because of the weather I'm less than enthusiastic about it. So now I'm in a dilemma whether to see if I can fit the bike inside my car (I fear it'll make a mess with oil from the chain staining my seats) or if I have to call the bike shop and ask if it's okay with another two weeks of waiting. My day off this Wednesday has been taken away so I have to work six days next week and the next week five days in a row so I won't have a chance to get the bike until my next day off in two weeks ;_; And it was supposed to be so awesome getting the bike today since there's exactly one month until my birthday so it could be an early present for myself. Stupid weather!
05 August 2014 @ 06:40 pm
So since Friday evening or so, my neighbours' dogs suddenly vanished. I heard nothing of them nor did I have to fight any dogs when trying to park my car inside my garage that evening.
All through the weekend it has been absolutely peaceful, no barking, no dog-fights, no angry men yelling at the dogs, not a damn thing. Even the children have been surprisingly quiet, only being loud every now and then.

I'm going to take a wild guess that the police had been over either Thursday or Friday. While I did have to fight with the dogs Thursday evening when I came home, I couldn't help but notice how panicked one of the guys seemed at that moment, before rushing in to grab the dogs and hurl them away. All other times they didn't even seem to care, only removing the dogs because they had to, not exactly because they wanted to. Most of the men who constantly hung out here are suddenly gone too. So maybe they brought the dogs with them, I don't know. I find it hard to think the police took the dogs with them.
One of the dogs is still here, though, it's thankfully the one who doesn't bark much, nor do they dare let it run around loose now.

While I'm thoroughly enjoying the sudden peace and quiet - all tension has subsided, finally! - I'm still too paranoid to believe this is going to keep up. Either the dogs - and all the men, blech - will return after making a good image for a while, or they're actually working on moving out after getting so many warnings from the administration as well as the police. And the latter sounds too good to be true.

With the dogs gone I'm not sure how good a case the administration will even have to kick them out now. Most of my complaints are because of the dogs after all. So I can only hope they've still failed to pay the rent and as of this month, the electrical bill (which is due every third month). While they seem to behave now, they're not people to be trusted nor do anyone around here want them around because of the type of people they hang out with. Plus how poorly behaved the children are (the two oldest ones having not been around much either. Hm). Plus how messy they are and have a tendency to destroy their own and others' property (I've seen their aircondition part that hangs outside. While it's hanging on pretty sturdy metal hangers, they've still somehow broken it. HOW?!).

I'm going to hope for the best and if anything, that the peace and tranquility will continue. It's really pleasant being at home right now.
02 August 2014 @ 07:34 am
I bought a new bike! :D

The local bike shop had a sale yesterday so I figured I may as well stop by and take a look. Eventually I fell in love with a black bike *_* It didn't have a basket or lights so I had to buy those additionally but all-in-all I made a good deal. It's being assembled with those additional parts and I'll go retrieve it in a week. I haven't gotten a brand new bike since 2002!

Still a big spender, I can hereby conclude. First a car, now a bike. My old bike is all rusty and constantly needs repairs so I figured now's the time to simply invest in a new one - sometimes I feel just silly taking the car to my jobs really close to me, when it's actually more simple with a bike.

Anywho, as I had done my purchase, I walked back to my car I've parked in a parking lot in the outskirts of town since there was an event yesterday, attracting a lot of people. So all the parking lots in the middle of town were chuck-full - I didn't mind walking a bit, so it's fine. The particular parking lot it hardly used, so there's plenty of space.

As I neared my car, I looked over to some of the empty spaces on the parking lot, and right there, in the middle of a parking booth, was a cat.

A cat occupied a parking booth.

It just sat there, enjoying the cooling shadow and I just stared at it.
It looked back at me and had this upmost satisfied look on its face.
I nodded in acknowledgement and was all "'Sup, bro".
It nodded back "'Sup" and continued its complacent state. In its parking booth.

And then I drove away.

Cats are the best, no arguement.
31 July 2014 @ 07:41 am
If I at least should provide a positive entry, then oh my god, I love the birds on my terrace.

Those little dirty terrorists.

I won't dare get a pet of my own (yet?) when it's so dangerous right now, so I'm glad I can at least feed the wild birds who're hanging out on my terrace. But they have poor manners, good lord. I neatly pour food up for them in a little bowl and there's a bowl of water next to it.

IN JUST ONE DAY they managed to scatter ALL the food all over the place, it's a frickin' huge, brick bird plate now. Even the bowl of water has food scattered into it. Now it's all green inside. They happily drink the water, though, so I guess they're used to that quality.

Sometimes I'm lucky and get visits from other birds than just sparrows and black birds (the latter being the most hilarious kind of bird ever - such attitude!). I think the record of bird visits at once has been 17 birds in all.
I recently put out small nuts for them to eat since they need some fatty oils but the sparrows don't have strong enough beaks to break them. The black birds just swallow the whole damn thing. Now the sparrows have started to walk up to my glass door and stare at me as if to say "Exactly how are we supposed to eat that?". Their stares are full of blame and anger. It's hilarious.

It's also really hilarious when the fledgelings are with their mommas on my terrace and get fed. Then they just sit there and whine and flatter their little wings to demand food. They're sooo helpless and can't pick up the food for themselves.

...except when their mommas have either flown away or walked too far away from them to meet their urgent needs; Then they can suddenly eat by themselves, but once momma's back in sight, oh no so helpless can't fend for self, fooooooood!!!
And they're so chubby and fluffy and have such a dumb look on their faces ♥
30 July 2014 @ 08:28 pm
In case anyone's wondering what my neighbours' garage looks like, then here you go:

A-yupCollapse )

Pretty much reflects what kind of people they are. Messy, chaotic and un-civilized.

Right now the childrens' dad has returned after having been absent for barely two months. I've lost count of all the guys who've been here in the meantime - plus all of this dude's friends. They're just as badly hit with ADHD as he is and that's saying something.

Today when I came home from workout I was once again met with their loose dogs. The pup directly approached me but I've gotten zero tolerance with it since it tried to bite my leg, so I tried to shove it away with my foot but it didn't understand it was supposed to leave so it kept trying to approach me. Just then one of the many men appeared - pulsing on a cigarette, oh what joy - went directly over to the pup, picked it up and left with it. He didn't say a goddamn word, nor did he dare look me in the eyes. Fucking coward and rude asshole. I was so upset with the situation I didn't even manage to sarcastically utter "Wow, good job" at him.

Why the fuck do I have to fight their damn dogs every day because they can't be arsed to discipline them, let alone keep them in a leash when it's as clear as day that none of them have any control over them?! I'm sick and tired of it, I feel nauseous when I'm reaching the last road before my home because I know when I'm there I'll have to fight dogs again.

I hate how this is getting out of hand during the Summer of all times. The head chief is on vacation again and won't be back until mid-August so nothing can happen until he's back. The administration is of little help, they can only agree with me that these people need to get kicked out ASAP but other than that, nothing. My parents will come down for a visit in three weeks so at least I'll have company again (hopefully of the good kind - when will I learn to never do anything with Anita when it requires more than a day with her?!) and hopefully be able to downsize them through sheer sense of authority. I know dad is a total boss at that and mom doesn't give a shit about people like them either.

Meanwhile I can contemplate what awful person I must've been in a previous life to deserve all this.
26 July 2014 @ 05:28 pm
I know my neighbour's dogs are messed up from fighting eachother all the time, but I honestly didn't expect that one of the puppies wanted to outright attack me.

I just came home from workout and as I had left my car to open up my garage, one of the puppies came around the corner and headed straight towards me. I always have my camera ready when I come home since I usually encounter one of the dogs so I managed to take a photo just as it approached me. I thought it would try to bark at me like the other dogs do so I didn't feel threatened.

The surprise was complete when it then latched onto my leg and did that twisty thing dogs do when they attack something. I was stunned for a split-second when I saw it barring its fangs (what little puppies have, anyway) and I, by pure reflex, kicked the pup away. It landed a few feet away when it gestured wanting to latch onto my leg again, so I scared it away by making myself look big (spreading out my arms) and stomp quickly towards it.
Still, I'm pretty upset with yet another dog - even if it's just a pup - trying to attack me. And as usual none of the owners were nearby. Pretty fucking smart when they raise uncontrollable dogs like that.

At least I can laugh at the fact that my neighbours have used the hammer this morning (I heard it). And from what I could see before I left for workout, they hadn't noticed what the hammer had been used for yesterday. Hah!
25 July 2014 @ 09:03 pm
These neighbours, I fucking swear...

It's bad enough they have about five dogs now.
It's also bad enough these dogs aren't in a leash since there's zero control of them.
It's also bad enough they shit everywhere and cleaning up after them is hardly done.

But when they shit right infront of my garage so I can't avoid my car running over it, THEN I'm pissed!

I had my own way to handle it, though. Their overfilled garage was open and I had no intention of having dogsoil all over my car's tired, so I decided that what the hell, it's THEIR property (the shit, that is) so might as well remove it with other things of THEIR property.

So I grabbed the first somewhat clean thing I found in their garage - a hammer - and shoved the shit away. The hammer got all dirty but I figured it was a risk they knew of, being the owners and all. Being the mannerful person that I am, I put the hammer back where I found it; In the tool kit where they also keep all their other tools.

I also discovered the dogs have shat infront of my fence on my terrace too. I plan on removing it later tonight - also with the help of some of their property. There's a lot of dog toys scattered everywhere so it'll be suitable to use those to shove the shit away from my property.

Another thing I'm tired of is how their kids leave THEIR toys everywhere too. These past.. hm, five weeks or so? there's been this toy car right next to my front door, as is, on my part of the property. I decided to let it be, figuring they'll realise they miss it and bring it back home again, but after five weeks I started to wonder if they even remembered they even owned such a thing. On top of my overall frustration with these people I adopted a new principle - everything left on my property means it's something *I* decide what will be done with. And things I have no use of is trash and must be disposed of (except for dogsoil - they're not my responsibility and will be returned to them instead. In whatever way I feel like). So naturally, I threw the toy car in the trashbin. Which, by the way, is absolutely disgusting since my neighbours also don't feel like using trashbags to throw their trash away in. So they throw trash directly into the trashbin and in this scorching heat we've had lately, lots of maggots are having a party in there. I nearly threw up the first time I saw them. It was a whole layer of wiggling nastiness.
The other day when I came home, one of the kids left another toy car infront of my garage so I had to leave my car to remove it before even being able to drive my car UP to my garage. Since that's on my property too, I threw that out as well.

This morning I had the best fucking laugh. As I passed the trashbin (it's been a few days since I threw out the toy cars) I saw the two toy cars on top of the trashbin. They have obviously been cleaned. So they had dug into the disgusting trashbin to dig out the toy cars and clean them from maggots and sticky trash juice. That was the best, it just felt like I've encountered a gleam of justice from three months of frustrating behaviour from these people. I know I'm not exactly behaving diplomatic either with throwing their things out, but this blatant lack of respect for what little property I have (they own more and tried to claim the property to the empty apartment next to mine) has lead me to be pretty blunt about what I think about their presence.

I called the landlord today since I was overrun with loose dogs (which explains why today of all days had shit everywhere) rather than the usual one who wants to eat my head off, plus I wanted to get the latest info about them getting evicted. I was promised that they're doing all that they can - the police is getting involved because of all the loose dogs and they've apparently gotten their final warning, so "in the near future" they're getting the boot. Still seems like such a long time since I have to live right next door to these people.
I've only dealt with them for three months and I already have a ten (!!) pages long list of unacceptable things they've done. There's pretty much something every fucking day. I've taken over 80 photos to document what I've experienced (which the administration loves me for. They've wanted these people out for so long but didn't have much proof and when they stop by, the dogs were magically gone or were "babysat for a friend" and the people promised to improve. All that meaningless BS. My photos prove the dogs live here and aren't just babysat for a short period of time. I even know the names of all the dogs since the owners yell them so often I couldn't avoid hearing and sooner or later, learn them - which is further harsh proof against them. I wouldn't know the names of dogs who're only "seldomly over for a visit").

I can't wait until they're kicked out. I've heard everybody who lives nearby have filed several complaints (which will involve the police also) and everything's running in high gear so these people will get evicted. At the same time, I'm nervous about what will happen as in, how will they react? I wouldn't doubt getting evicted will come as a surprise for them no matter how many letters they'll get about it. Will they cause a scene? Destroy some more property to "get even"? Take it out on me if they ever figure out I'm working behind the scenes with all the work I've put in to making a detailed list and taking photos of them and their misdeeds? Not that I think that'll ever happen, they've had this coming for a long time and not something that "suddenly" happened just because I moved in. I don't know. I just fear the worst.

21 July 2014 @ 08:44 am
I'm so tired ;A;

Mom and Anita left yesterday. Or that is to say, I had to drive them to the train station in Ribe (one of Denmark's oldest towns and recently declared Europe's most beautiful town - and I live 15 km away from there, haha!) so they could head up north.

As I was backing out my car from my garage, I had honestly not noticed that one of my neighbour's five (!!) dogs had run out behind my car. It was one of the puppies so I suppose its small size hindered me from seeing it. So I almost ran over a puppy. Thankfully, my mom noticed it and had me stop on time. We're talking centimeters before that puppy had become roadkill.
And then the dumbfuck neighbour waltzed out and tried to show he had complete control of the situation and called the puppy to him, but naturally it didn't listen, like neither dogs do. When I glared directly at the idiot, he realised there's no point trying to prove a fucking damn thing to me as he's already pissed me off for that day as well, so he ran over, grabbed the puppy and went back home with it so we could leave.

Yesterday was generally a chaotic mess. After I dropped mom and Anita off in Ribe, I went back home to do laundry and clean up the place and all the dogs ran loose everywhere, shat everywhere (I at least got lots of photoproof) and then the idiot neighbour dude showed one of his buddies around, including the empty apartment next door. Whether it was of genuine interest to move in or to just show the place around, I don't know, but I felt very sick of the situation since nobody's interested in more of those type of people here. I did find it hilarious, though, when the buddy asked who their neighbour was, the idiot paused and then said that "It's some woman who doesn't talk much. She leaves early in the morning and comes home very late in the evening so I don't know anything about her. Actually, she doesn't talk to anyone". Which is a lie, I talk to lots of people around here, I just refuse to engage in any sort of contact with them. But sure, let's just say that, it at least proves I mind my own business and aren't being a pain in the ass like them.

Before we left we got to talk to one of my other neighbours and Anita - being the blunt person that she is - directly asked if those people were being a nuisance. Then the neighbour could reveal that those people have lived here for about a year or so, the dogs (notice: plural) have always run around without a leash including into the neighbour's own garden threatening the children there, the children's six bikes were suddenly reduced to three and the police have come by for a visit constantly. Yup, I'm pretty set on having these people kicked the fuck out ASAP.

Speaking of which, I should receive a call from the head chief dude sometime this week to get informed about what the current status on this whole ordeal is. Since I last talked to him, my document of complaints about these people had increased with four pages (mostly about the loose dogs and playing loud music 6:30 AM frequently). I need a vacation from my own home @_@
18 July 2014 @ 07:37 pm
My mom and Anita are over for a visit this weekend and we went to this second-hand shop to take "a little look". When we left our arms were burdened with overly stuffed bags of things XD

I bought a pair of mildly-used rollerskates! I haven't used things like those for years - and they only cost me roughly $4.5 I shit you not.

Granted, there are nothing to use as brakes on them, but surely that'll be okay (see you in a few weeks where I'll break every major bone in my body).

Then we headed for a clothes shop and I bought my very first pair of leggings :o I never thought I'd see the day! Sure, for normal people they'd probably be described as baggy pants, but to me they fit as leggings :V

After spending more money than I want to admit, we headed for a farm market nearby and had the time of our lives. Really pleasant people reliving the very old days and we enjoyed food cooked under similar circumstanes as in the late 1800's. My mom and I didn't expect some men at the bakery to call us over and pressure us to buy buns. We were like "Oh okay, we can take a look at least" and then he offered us to buy buns for 1 DKK a piece. We didn't really need them but for a good cause we probably could buy six or something.
"Can't do!" the man said.
"But we're only three people, we can't eat that much" my mom tried to explain.
"You need to buy more than that!" the man insisted.
"Well, I guess for that price we could go with ten.." mom contemplated.
"Can't do!" the man said again.
Then an old lady approached him and asked for two buns and he was totally fine with that and let her buy two buns (though for the price of 2 DKK each). Mom and I were like "But.. you said that.. "
Then he faced us again: "Twenty!"
Mom and I were like "We can't fucking carry that, are you out of your farming mind"
"You have a "box" don't you?" he then said.
"Um, I live too far away, but my daughter has a freezer..." my mom answered before even thinking.
"Then it's a deal!" the man said.
Then mom looked in her wallet and saw she only had a 20 DKK coin and we knew that man didn't intend to give us back any change so I told her to just give the man the darn coin and see how many buns we'll get.
So we said fine to his twenty buns offer.
So he grabbed one paper bag and filled it with buns and then he grabbed another paper bag and filled that up too and then I guess his wife approached him and asked if he managed to sell off their leftovers.

Hah. Haha.

Then he handed us the two majorly full paper bags of buns and we couldn't carry them the bags were too big so we had to stuff them into my backpack and we could barely put them in there, but I ended up walking around with a backpack full of (hot) buns.

And we later found out he gave us 22.

What a hilarious day.
15 July 2014 @ 08:25 pm
So, when I was working in the department outside of town last week, I brought a huge bag full of chocolate because I kept talking about wanting to and I wanted to be a man of my words.

Shut up, I wanted to be a man for once.

Sadly, I'm not good with binging on chocolate so I had a lot left over. I knew my male colleague would work there the following day and he's often times admitted he has a huge sweet tooth, so I wrote a little note for him saying the chocolate's free for him to nom.

The next time we worked together he thanked me for the chocolate, it was a pleasant surprise, oh gosh was he so happy I thought about him, best colleague is me.

I was so happy for the praise that I didn't have the heart to tell him the chocolate was expired.
13 July 2014 @ 11:48 am
I slept for 12 hours o_o

My membership at the gym in Vamdrup expired earlier this week and I've decided to take up a new membership in Rødding, ie. the town I live closest to now since:

- It's more practical (I'll always pass the gym on my way home from work)
- I won't have to near my old neighbourhood where that asshole lives
- This gym has much much better opening hours (the one in Vamdrup closed at 2 pm on weekends. This one doesn't close until 8 pm! And 10 pm on work days *_*)
- The membership I picked (which is only slightly more expensive) includes free use of their swimming facilities! IT'S BEEN YEARS

I went there for the first time yesterday and while their cardio machines could've been of a better quality (their treadmills especially could be replaced with better ones) and some of their weight training equipments are very unpractically designed, I really really like them. They even have the bar where you can hold yourself up in your arms and train your abdominal muscles by pulling up your legs up to your waist or chest!

I tried that one.

I'm fucking weak.

I was all alone in the gym so I discarded of my humiliating shame and tried again and again to succeed, but with poor results. I'm gonna keep doing it until I can do it right!

Other machines I've never tried before were used and it felt so great.

My muscles hurt and I know some of them were much too heavily overexerted, but otherwise I felt okay afterwards.

BUT THEN AFTER A NIGHT'S LONG AS HELL SLEEP (the workout definitely made me need that) - OH GOD, THE PAAAAAIIIN ;____;
Especially my shoulders hurt, I can't even get my arms up, waaaaah!

...This is great, though - it means I have a lot of areas to improve in :D Yay!
12 July 2014 @ 07:31 pm
I still can't ever the fact a duck died at the pharmacy and our means of a burial was to send me out to throw it in a trash bin.

The story is that those of us at work yesterday, Friday, sat together in one of the pharmacy's storage rooms not so far from the counters so we could have our coffee break together while listen to customers entering the pharmacy.

It was hot outside and the sun was burning in through the windows, so we had pulled some blinds down to take the worst of the sun's rays.

Just as we were conversating, we heard a loud "THUMP!" on the window and when we turned around to look, we saw nothing but water on the window?! At first I thought it was the grandchild of one of the residents, who lives right next to the pharmacy and shares the small garden with us, who had thrown a water balloon or soaked ball of some sort during playing, but then one of my colleagues commented it was a bird.

We rushed over to the window to peek out from the bottom part of the window which hasn't been covered by the blinds and indeed, it was a bird who had flown into the window.

A duck.

That's the first time I've experienced such a big bird make the classic window mistake. It's even more baffling since the particular window it crashed into is in the very corner of the garden, and of the entire building itself, which one would think no bird has any reason to come near of, let alone fly high speed down to. Guess because the sun's rays were reflected in the window and the pulled down blinds fooled the duck into thinking it was possible to fly into the "gap" that was the uncovered part of the window. There's a lake not so far from there, so that could explain the water too. What exactly had scared it so much to make it flee in this manner, we'll never know.

Nonetherless, we had a dead duck whose body was still doing it's final spasms, which was very icky to watch. Its entire neck had been crushed from the impact so the body indeed spasmed around, but everything from the neck and up didn't follow. At first we feared it didn't die and was suffering but I noticed it didn't say a sound and its feet moved in a running manner, which I've seen in clinically dead animals before. It was braindead but its heart still pumped blood around and its muscles still had impulses to burn off and running is the basic impulse for animals, I guess. Still, it was a nasty sight.

After a few minutes it ceased moving and just lied there on its back. It didn't breathe, no heart beating, nothing. So that was that.
Then one of my colleagues immediately opted that we ask the neighbouring resident of they'd like a free duck for dinner, no strings attached. Before we could even understand what she had just said, she left the building and knocked on the neighbour's door and asked. She's so messed up, you guys.

The neighbour didn't want it so we had to get rid of it somehow. The messed up colleague said she wasn't going to move it since she has a phobia of birds (that's news to me!), our apprentice just covered her ears and said she doesn't know of anything that had just happened and the third colleague outright said she didn't want to.

I sighed and asked where we store our gloves, where are our trash bags and where's the trash bin I'm supposed to throw it into?

After getting what I needed I went out to see to the dead duck and decided to feel its neck since I'm a curious bastard who's never had close contact with a crushed neck before. It was pretty darn crushed alright, confirming that it did indeed die instantly. Relieved at having that finally confirmed, even though it was obvious before, but.. you know.. final proof and stuff, I grabbed its body, put it into the trashbag and carried it over to the trash bin, took my gloves off and threw them out and then went back inside to work.

I'm not sentimental we couldn't bury it or anything, but I wish we knew of a nearby places with carnivores (like a zoo or a pet store - or heck, just a forest where there are foxes!) who could've been fed with it instead of just throwing it out like a piece of trash. That would've seemed less of a waste of life :/
11 July 2014 @ 09:30 pm
So at work I had to throw a dead duck in the trash bin today....
10 July 2014 @ 07:52 pm
This morning I decided to e-mail the administration once more about my problematic neighbours since I was getting tired of being left in the dark (they never reply so I have to call the landlord to drag information out of him) and not feeling any improvement from my neighbours whatsoever despite having gotten a heavy warning.

Then at work, in the department where I'm by myself, my cell phone suddenly rang and since there were no customers I was able to answer. It was the head chief of the rental homes association the administration I rent my semi-detached house from is part of! Woo boy, that was unexpected.

At least he involved me in further details about what's going on. He sympathises with my frustrations since he's so sick and tired of these people as well. He muttered some things about them too I don't think he as a formal figure should be allowed to but damn it felt great knowing I'm not alone in this.

He even revealed that it's only really a matter of time before they can kick them out, but all the formal paperwork and procedures need to be done first. Their two weeks' notice of improving is ending in a couple of days and then they need to take this case to the rental housing board of appeals, or whatever it's called, to decide that they're legally incapable of following the household rules and then they should be able to get the appeal to kick them the hell out (in that regard he also wanted to ask for my permission to reveal my identity to the board so they have a reference, which I of course allowed).
Or they can kick them out for not paying rent since he also revealed they haven't paid this month's rent yet. I personally expected that next month where we have to pay for electricity too since I know that was a problem for them back in May as well (although they somehow managed to pay that eventually) but so soon surprises me. They really priorate their money poorly, they happily eat take-out (I know from all the boxes and litter scattered everywhere) but can't pay rent? Uh huh.

So I guess my original hunch that it was only a matter of time before they get kicked out was right. Nice to have that assured.

But he asked me to prepare myself with patience since all the formal work demands so much time (because everyone has rights so even though it's glaringly obvious these people don't deserve to be here, all this paperwork and procedures still need to be done so they legally can declare that they haven't treated anyone unfairly. It's understandable but man, it sucks when you're innocent and have to put up with people like my neighbours until they can get the consequence they deserve), but if I'm up for it, then I should continue writing everything they do down since the more documentation I can provide, the better a case they have. I'm even so nerdy I take pictures of the dogs running loose or of all the damages they've (the dogs as well as their owners) done when I see my chance to, so I have plenty of documentation for them.
I'll happily continue my endeavour since I can't accept these people getting away with such negligent behaviour, plus I know I'm not the only one suffering from them. Everybody else in the neighbourhood want them gone (the dogs shit everywhere, run into people's gardens, the children are a danger hazard, all the unregistered cars parked everywhere, all the yelling and loud music...), but they live in their own houses, thus aren't part of the administration, nor the association overall, so they can only go to the police. I have that more "power" because I rent from the same place my neighbours do and the administration is obliged to take whatever complaints are filed to them from their renters.

Speaking of the police, they were apparently there yesterday, while I was at work, to talk to them about their loose dogs. Which makes the fact one of the dogs almost got run over in the evening because it wasn't in a leash that much more.. fucking idiotic.

The head chief is going on a vacation next week, but he promised to contact me again the week after to involve me further in what's going to happen. Then he promised to e-mail me with his contact information and that I could contact him whenever something happens (just not next week - then I need to contact either my landlord or the secretary, whose private number was also given to me).

Now THAT is a fucking reply!
09 July 2014 @ 09:51 pm
I've been so angry today because when I drove home I was annoyed by my neighbours' dumb loose dog again. It ran after my car and as I was turning left, it ran along the left side of my car. I decided not to slow down, death needs a reason anyway, but it got away with the fright from my car's back wheel. (seriously, though, I'd hate it if I ended up running that mut over, as much as it annoys me - it's its owners fault for being dumbass idiots not keeping it on a leash). Then it got in my way when I wanted to get out of my car since it wanted to greet me by barking aggressively again. Not so far away sat the dog's owner, watching everything and not doing a fucking damn thing about it. I'm gonna kick his sorry ass some day.

So when I finally entered my home, I turned on my computer, went on youtube and RAGEQUIT everything by listening to Cartoons.

You may now imagine me sitting in my chair, arms crossed and pouting while listening to Witch Doctor and Let's Go Childish full blast.
06 July 2014 @ 07:47 pm
I'm back from my busy weekend at my parents' to attend my cousin's daughter's baptism! @_@

In relation to that, I finally got to know what her name's going to be, and I love it *_*

Her name's Alma. I don't know why, I just love that name!
03 July 2014 @ 08:09 am
One would think after getting a very heavy warning about their overall behaviour and way of treating their dogs, they'd at least try to improve.

Instead I've dealt with loud music IN THE MORNING on a daily basis this week and now they're up to keeping three dogs and they don't approve of me even opening my own windows before barking their asses off and the owners do nothing to stop them.

I kinda think they've given up @_@ But if that means they're getting kicked out, then I can deal with it. At least I'm heading up north this weekend (my cousin's having a baptism for his little daughter) so I can take a break from it. That also means I won't be able to keep a report of their behaviour, though - which the administration relies on right now since they're also very interested in having as much held against these people as possible since it's not easy kicking leasers out (as was obviously proven with my previous neighbour - it most certainly isn't easy), but at least these people have ruined a fair amount of property so it's relatively easier. Having their behaviour suddenly worsened AFTER a warning really does no good for them.

Still, what's up with these kind of people (=low income, low social status) always liking to play really loud music? What ever happened to using ear phones if you have a need to listen to loud music? Why music with loud BAS of all things too?! Unsurprisingly, these kind of people also smoke, they keep lots of dogs, they buy cars that should've been destroyed years ago and they act incredibly offended if they get called out on their poor behaviour (and in leu of my job, I also know they all get medication for something wrong in their heads). This is the third time I've had a neighbour of this type (although the previous one was a tad worse, spending his money on drugs rather than dogs and old cars AND have been in jail) and I'm baffled they're all so alike this way. And for some unexplainable reason, despite me going solely after really nice places with a decent rent and with an administration with a good reputation, I still end up with neighbours like these. How on earth are they allowed in?!

In the Danish debate forum I've asked other people if they've experienced similar sort of neighbours and if there's any way to avoid them (like buying a house, etc.). Sadly, you can't avoid them. The amount of terrible neighbours is greater in apartment buildings, sure, but there are plenty of assholes living in regular houses too so in the end, it's not just a matter of economy, but a great deal of luck. My luck sure doesn't shine on me in this region of Denmark, that's for sure @_@
01 July 2014 @ 10:16 pm
I have been a Pharmaconomist for a year now! WOOOO. To think it's exactly a year ago, hot damn, what a year, what a fucking year ._.


On another note, I had the craziest conversation with my neighbours' middlest child - a boy around four years old or so - when I came home from work today. I drove my car up to my garage as usual and then walked out to open the garage port when I saw the boy standing not so far away, watching me curiously. I nooded at him as a greeting. The first thing he said is "Do you live here?".
I paused.
"Yeah, I do."
"Why did you move in here?" he continued.
"...You're asking me why I moved in here?" I repeated.
The boy apparently didn't have a comment for that and looked at my garage. "Do you lock that every day?".
"..Yeah, I do" I answered.
"Why?" he asked.
I stared at him. "Because I don't want intruders to enter my garage while I'm away"
The boy stared as I opened the garage port. "Why do you park your car in there?"
"...because it's a garage?" I answered.
The boy stared in the garage. "My mom doesn't park her car inside ours".
"Well, no shit when it's full of junk and trash" I thought to myself. "Well, different people have different decisions. She probably prefers keeping her car outside, don't you think?" I tried to reason. I then asked him to step aside so I can park my car inside my garage. He didn't really understand but when I told him I didn't want him to get hurt if I accidentally hit him with my car, he understood and took a huge step away and proudly told me he'd stay right there. I gave him a thumbs up of approval, drove my car inside the garage and parked it.
As I stepped out, holding my car keys in one hand and my bag in another, the boy immediately noticed and said "You don't leave your car keys inside the car?".
I stared at him in disbelief. "Of.. course not o_o"
"Why?" he asked.
"Because I need it to lock my car" I answered.
"Oh." he said and stared at his mom's car. "My mom doesn't do that..".
I don't even know what kind of face I made at this point. "You mean to tell me your mom leaves her car keys inside the car and doesn't lock it?!".
"Yeah" he shrugged.
I glanced at their car which is a worn down Mazda from the forgotten 90's, dents and rust marks here and there, windows rolled down, tires running out of air and a can of beer inside.

It made sense.

Then I opened the trunk to get the rest of my things, being careful not to let the door hit the ceiling of the garage and the boy continued his absurd questioning. "Why's the door opening up all the way up there?".
I stared at him. "..because it's easier to access the trunk that way?"
That made sense to him. "Why're you keeping things there?" he continued.
"Because trunks are meant to store things in your car, so you know where they are. It's a pretty fancy feature, don't you think?" I tried to answer.
The boy nodded, actually seeing the awesome in that. Then commented "My mom doesn't use that...".
I decided to just not comment.
Then I had to close the port and asked the boy to be careful and take a step back so he won't get hit. I could read on his face that he didn't understand why I now had to CLOSE the garage port again, it seemed like a lot of work compared to what he's used to.
After locking it up again, I picked up my things and was ready to head for my front door when the boy continued: "Are you coming in to us?".
"Haha, no, I'm heading for my own home" I answered.
"Where do you live?" he then asked.

I simply had to stop, blink, turn my head and stare at him.

"I... live next door..." I said.
"Where's that?" he asked.
I started walking again, staring dumbfounded at the boy. Then I pointed at my door a few meters further from their door "Right there".
"You can come in to us, we have a lot of doors!" he suddenly proclaimed.
I couldn't stop staring, after hearing from the landlord about particularly the doors being a wreck in their home, that seemed very comical. "N-no thanks, I have plenty of doors in my own home. And I have them all for myself!". The boy stared in awe.
Then I checked my mailbox as I always do when I come home and the boy CONTINUED "Do you lock your mailbox too?".
I could've broken my key inside the mailbox from that comment, oh my fucking god. "Y-yeah, I do" I meekly answered.
After locking the mailbox the boy approached it, opened the lid and stared inside "But why lock it, I can still see what's inside" he said.

..hah. Haha.

"Thaaat's not the point of locking the mailbox" I half-pityingly commented. At this point I didn't know how to shake this darn kid off, his questions told me more about their life than I wanted to know. So I decided to just say "Well, time for me to go inside and unpack my things. Been fun talking to you, maybe I'll see you later. Buh-bye!" while opening the door, wave him goodbye, close the door and have a second-thought about finally locking it.

30 June 2014 @ 07:59 am
So my new neighbours still haven't improved. I've been severely bothered by their dogs (notice the plural. It's only allowed to keep one dog, but they have two and sometimes have a third over) who aren't kept in a leash and are very aggressive. Saturday I even experienced one of them starting to growl and show teeth at me, pretty much emphasizing it's dangerous and I'm being threatened rather than "just" warned by being barked at (which happens on a daily basis). The dogs are so invested in "warning" me that they don't even care about my car, so despite honking and driving ever so carefully at them, they won't budge, still standing infront of my car to bark all they can. It's a very tiring affair, having to deal with aggressive dogs just to be able to park my car in my own garage and reach my own fucking front door. The owners rarely show up to try to control the dogs (not like they can, anyway) so I mostly have to deal with the dogs all by myself. Given the sudden growling and showing of teeth, I'm very uncomfortable about it now, rather than just severely annoyed.

I filed a complaint when I discovered that despite having put up a fence the dogs were trying to break in because they were interested in the food I had put out for the birds. Which to me signals that these dogs are in no way fed properly. Which I suppose is necessary so the owners can rile the dogs up for fight - I've time and time again overheard the dogs run amok and fight eachother, being cheered on by the owners and their friends. Yesterday the dogs were so involved in a fight that they fell into my fence which is now bent where they hit. Thankfully not so much that the dogs can crawl underneath it, but at least I have significant proof against them.

Since I haven't heard back about my complaint, I called the landlord this morning to hear if they even reacted on it. He apologized for the administration not having gotten back to me, but they're very much busy EXACTLY reacting on my complaint. They're already visited their home and could conclude that the interior has been destroyed as well as in very poor condition. Pretty sad to know three small children live there also.
The residents have also gotten a formal and, according to the landlord, a very "big" warning, giving them two weeks to do something about the dogs and their own overall behaviour. Given the last couple of days of chaos, I can conclude they're not exactly busy trying to do anything, but we'll see what'll happen this week. I know if nothing happens, that should be pretty much it for them and they'll get evicted. If not, I at least can call the police since they're breaking several paragraphs in the law of keeping dogs. But I could tell on the landlord that he's very tired of them himself and pretty much want them gone - the other empty apartment will never get new residents as long as those people are here. Heck, I only moved in because I was in a desperate situation!

We'll see how it goes. In a way I don't want to see them improve, just so they can finally get kicked out. I've had daily problems with these people since moving in and I'm EXTREMELY tired of it. I just want to be able to come home, be able to park my car and safely reach my own front door and enjoy some peace and quiet in my own home and watch the birds and their fledglings feed on all the bread I put out for them on my terrace without having dogs ruin everything.
29 June 2014 @ 11:42 am
At the gym somebody recently put up new posters, reminding people to put the weights back in their place after use.

But I guess the person wanted to be witty because the posters didn't just settle with talking about cleaning up after yourself.

It said:

"Women and weights must be put in their place.

Good luck with the women ;P

The gym is for everybody, so I find the poster to be a little bit... tasteless?

I know the phrasing indicated that women won't let themselves get bossed around easily, but I don't see the need to talk about putting them "in their place" to begin with. What "place" are we talking about? The kitchen, or as the leader of a giant corporation? Huh?

Normally, I don't focus much on gender-equality mostly because I never spare it a thought, I just go about my way and if I experience some inequality, I call out on it, but I never go about it with "I'm a woman, I have rights too" but with "I'm a person just like you". Even if I have shit like "Oh, you're a woman, you don't have a say in this" I still use my person-argument. Even shit like "Oh, you're a GIRL, you're not strong enough to carry this!". Excuse me Mr. Flappy Belly, I'll be the one to decide that, I'm a person with muscles and a decent health just like anybody else.
If I should take an example from work, my colleagues often decide that our only male colleague is the one to solve technical problems or when we need to have some very heavy boxes carried. He's EXTREMELY poor with computers and his physique isn't exactly the greatest either, whereas I've time and time again proven that I'm more competent with computers, being a daily user, and I work out and am thus physically more capable. But nope, because he's a guy he's automatically the solution to computer- and physical work. It's just plain silly.

And really, the poster not only indicates that women are inferior to another group of people (=men), but it also unnecessarily fuels a fight among genders. Not that I ended up thinking "Hmph, typical men and their superiority towards women" but I'm pretty darn sure some will end up thinking that. And what good is that for?

Eeeehhh, I'm not good with this kind of stuff.
28 June 2014 @ 07:54 pm
Recently I bought a new book called "The truth from a liar". The book has a stamp claiming "Written by the author of "Where did I put the baby?"".

When I went to the counter to buy the book, the clerk took a look at the cover and read the stamp aloud.

""Where did I put the baby"... That would be pretty nice to know!" she wittingly commented.
"Depends on the baby" I remarked.

25 June 2014 @ 09:26 pm
I think my wittiness has finally returned after months and months of absence.

After returning from my vacation the first thing I heard was how we simply MUST remember to place the money bills in the cash register with the same side up since that makes countining easier later on (the bank are pansies who don't like money bills cluttered together in a random mess, what's up with that anyway, hmph) and how it's always a problem for some people to apparently forget doing this.

I couldn't help myself from commenting "That's weird. I never experience this problem when I work in the department outside of town!" (=where we work alone). lol's and "oh u"'s all around.

I SHOULD PROBABLY ADD that I've finally had my hair cut and dyed and IT'S NOT RED ANYMORE, HOORAY! A nice, mahogany brown, sweet fucking jesus I've missed this colour.

So I've gotten plenty of comments about my new 'do as well. When our deliverer showed up and saw my hair, all he had to say was "Where'd your hair go?".
"I put it up in a ponytail and forgot where I left it" I merely answered.
No witty answer from him this time either, I win yet again!

Today he was even more desperate to make me uneasy. A colleague and I took a fifteen-minute break when our deliverer had returned from his trip. He headed straight for where we were seated, sat next to me and placed his arm over my shoulders and asked "Gotten a boyfriend yet?"
"Nope", I said, not even fazed at his actions, continuing eating my cracker.
"Do you want one?" he asked, leaning closer towards me. "Just say the word and my ring goes right off!".
I looked up at him, "What did you do this time to piss your wife off?".
"Nothing at all!" he proudly exclaimed.
"Then that's probably the problem" I said.
He huffed and left the seat.
Then he turned around.
"You're getting fat, you know!".
I shrugged.
"If you got a boyfriend you'd have reason to slim down and look beautiful. Why, just look at your colleague over here, she's married and look at ho-"
Before he finished his sentence he lost his focus upon seeing my colleague all leaned back on her seat with her flabby belly poking out from underneath her shirt, blissfully satisfied with having finished her snack.
I just patiently looked at our deliverer, waiting for him to finish his sentence.
He stuttered a bit and then: "Uh.. thanks for today!".
And he left.

I think my colleague won that round.
21 June 2014 @ 05:05 pm
....aaaand as soon as I'm back home and back to work, my updating ceases XD; I'm just too exhausted when I get home.

But while I remember it, let me tell about last Sunday where mom and I went for a walk before I headed on home. We walked through a quiet villa road when further ahead we saw a bird on the sidewalk. We assumed it'd fly away as soon as it saw us approaching but to our surprise it didn't even budge. There wasn't a window nearby so it couldn't have flown into that and was recovering from.

When we stood right next to it, we saw it was a baby Eurasian Nuthatch (which I've never seen in person before - and here I could practically touch it!), sound asleep. I couldn't understand why it sat in such an exposed place, it didn't even react to us, what if somebody accidentally stepped on it or a cat saw it? Mom explained that baby birds often sleep while waiting for their parent to return with food, but she couldn't really explain why it was resting on such a dangerous place.

I crouched down to get a closer look and it was so frickin' adorable. Neither of us had our phones or camera with us so we couldn't take any photos, sadly ;____;
I didn't want to leave it there since I know a low of cats venture around in the area and I didn't want it to become prey just because it was sleeping waiting for its mommy. Yet, I didn't want to touch it to wake it up since that would probably make it panic. So I sat there, staring at it while mom stood next to me and we waited to see if it'd wake up when sensing our presence.

It didn't take long before it drowsily opened it eyes and looked at me, but it didn't really react at first. Probably because it was too groggy to understand there's a big, giant, furless creature staring right at it and should be considered a potential danger. After a few seconds I guess its brain finally began to function and it opened its eyes wide, blinking in utter surprise at me.
Then it look up at my mom in disbelief.
Then back at me.
Then back at mom.
Then back at me, blinking a few more times in surprise.
Both mom and I remained calm to observe what it would do, but eventually it decided that it probably wasn't a great place sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk where big monsters would stare at it so it hopped carefully into the bushes and then it was gone.

Pleased with it being in a relatively more safe and hidden place, mom and I continued our walk.

SO FRICKIN' ADORABLE, AAAHHHHH ;_____________________;
14 June 2014 @ 02:29 pm
I love following the police on Twitter.

Update from June 5th:
"Guard surprised by affectionate potbellied pig near building site. Is maintained with lunchpack. Call 114 (Denmark's 911) if you're missing a pig"

That's Denmark for you.
12 June 2014 @ 06:15 pm
My oldest brother currently works in an internship at Cheminova and today they had a visit from the blood donor bus. Of course bro was going to donate and this nurse came to him to aid him through the proces.

Upon seeing his full name (our middle name in particular is unique, thus easy to recognize) the nurse - entirely out of the blue - asked how I (as in me, someone who wasn't there and really had nothing to do with anything there, I just happen to be related to this person the nurse was going to help donate blood) was doing these days.

Bro was taken aback at the sudden random question and just answered I was doing fine and explained where I currently live and that was that.

When he came home to tell me what he had experienced I was pretty darn confused and mom and my other bro speculated it must be the mother of one of my former classmates since they know she's a nurse who at least used to work on the donor bus. It's the most viable option.

And that's where I'm getting pretty disgusted and disturbed. This isn't the first time parents of my former classmates from public school suddenly butt in with questions about where I've gone off to and if I'm doing okay. Normally it would seem like a genuine expression of interest, but seeing how these parents' kids were absolute assholes towards me back in the day and they completely failed to control their kids while I became a broken person who eventually had to RUN AWAY from my own fucking hometown to try and rebuild myself, it pisses me off how they suddenly prance along these days trying to fish out information about whether I suceeded in killing myself, became a social outcast with no education and stuck on financial aid, or somehow managed to create a life I could live decently. I know most expected I'd end up on a graveyard before I'd hit my 20's judging from how I detoriated from several years of bullying, so not seeing my name in the obituaries and my sudden disappearance from my hometown must've made many suffer from intense curiosity.

I find it tasteless that this mother in particular took advantage of her profession to ask someone she only realised was related to me through access to private information through her job about private matters that's ABSOLUTELY NONE of her concern. It's a shame bro was taken aback by this sudden and random question, along with being too nice, to not just say "It's none of your business". I've otherwise many times said to my family that if people they don't know ask about me, then brush them off because if they don't know where I live or how I'm doing, then it's because they're not supposed to know. Partly because I to this day still worry about my own well-being (I wouldn't put it past certain people to track down where I live and make use of it - it's probably paranoid of me, I know) but also because it's none of their damn business.

This may seem like an overreaction on my part. It probably is. But imagine this; During ALL of your school years, you've put up with daily attacks from your classmate, one trying to surpass the other in who can come with the meanest attacks or who's the first to make you cry one day after another, there's not a day where you can expect coming home with all of your belongings because they've either been destroyed, thrown out or just downright stolen, locking yourself up in the school's toilet stall in desperation for being left alone only to find out they've placed chairs infront of the stall door so you can't come out again and they stand there waiting for you to try so they can laugh at your pathetic situation thus humiliating the very fact that you're cornered and just want to get away, every success you make or every failure you make is laughed at and made fun of, there's nothing you can do right but there's everything you can do wrong and you most certainly will be called out on it, there's no worth even trying to succeed because you'll get told why you're a huge failure anyway - plus it's unfair to your classmates if you get better grades than them, think of how miserable they'll be when they have to put up with your good grades! - and christ, stop being such a crybaby, so they poured milk all over your things and stole your pencil case with all of your expensive colouring pens, they're just playing around and really, it's your own fault for not looking after your own things when you're too busy locking yourself away! No wonder nobody likes you when you don't want to play with your own classmates!!

And the parents of these classmates most certainly can't see what's wrong with what they're doing, honestly, it's because you trick - TRICK - them into doing mean things they'd normally never do, they behave so well when they're at home but at school they're suddenly demented jerks? Sure seems odd that you're the only one they're attacking, but then again you're the only one who gets good grades without even trying and you're overweight and have a scar on your face and have a weird name, so by default of logic the only one at fault is you. Why not lose some weight, wear makeup, get a cute nickname and just give your classmates all the answers to their tests so they can get good grades too, everything will definitely become better, it's the only way since you're the only one who seems to be suffering while everybody else are doing fine!

...done imagining?

Now add to that some guilt tripping from the teachers since you, after so many years with shit like the above, don't want anything to do with these people, you just want to be alone, you can't handle these people and their awful behaviour but then get told that it's unfair to your classmates that you "suddenly" don't want anything to do with them, you're supposed to help them in class, why haven't you lost weight yet, no wonder they treat you so bad.

Done yet?

Now add to that your classmates are taking a HUGE advantage of the fact that nobody believes you and think it's your own fault because you're different, and suddenly excuse their years long poor behaviour with it's because you don't want anything to do with them, entirely ignoring the very reason you ended up taking a distance to everybody in the first place.

You start dealing with stress-symptoms; You can't sleep, you're exhausted and tired, your heart feels like it's about to beat out through your chest, you shake constantly, you feel like burning and freezing at the same time, you catch yourself having stared at the wall for hours without realising it, you start losing your hair, you feel dizzy on a daily basis, start getting a tendency to blackouts and fainting, you stop eating, you generally can't stand your own existence. You can't tell anybody about it because it'll be deemed as an overreaction or attempt to get attention because you're also an attentionwhore since you're so different from everybody. You break down. You cry over the smallest things. Can't make a shoe feel right when put on? You cry. Can't find the shirt you want to wear? You cry. Can't find the key you need to use? You cry.
You get too afraid to leave your own home because you're used to get yelled at by classmates who live nearby and see you. You know they're there, it's a small town, even going shopping means you'll meet them. You start getting afraid of the dark, they could be watching from where you can't see. Maybe they even hid small recorders somewhere so they can film your pathetic life and show it to your face the next day all while laughing. Everything needs to get checked over, under the bed, in the closet, in your boxes. All doors need to get shut and a small light needs to be on so you can still see what's there. Even during the hot summer where it's unbearable to sleep with a blanket, you cover yourself up so you can't be seen.

You're twelve years old.


Now I know there are several ways to handle pasts like that, but my way is to take a huge distance to everybody from the past and start all over. It's been seven years since and I've managed to create a pretty darn good life (the huge neighbour failure not included) and become a person I'm actually pretty okay with. But I suppose because I just disregarded the people from the past, it immediately fills me with anger and disgust when I'm confronted with the fact that they still exist, they have no regrets and they have no fucking shame.
Some would probably think I need to work on that - it's not healthy to hold a grudge and it's deemed as an unlikable trait, but I'm perfectly okay with becoming like this. It sucks to feel this way, sure, but I can't change the past and I can't change the way I view it. But I can justify my feelings and there's nothing wrong with feeling anger and frustration. I've been through very unfair behaviour for pretty dumb reasons and I can't change that. I, however, will in no way insult myself by forgiving these people or in any way engage in any sort of relationship with these people - not them, not our former teachers, not their parents, nobody - I'm not this great person who can forgive an move on. But I can move on. If you've put me through awful experiences, I will hold it against you forever. If that sucks, then don't do it, that's all I ask. Mistakes happen and I can detect that, but deliberate awful behaviour with the sole purpose of hurting someone; Get the HECK out of my life and stay away! Going through some years afterwards and one day wonder "Gee, I wonder how the person I've personally contributed to breaking down to someone who should be bound to psychiatry is doing?" and then seek me out won't make me think "Well, it's so long ago, I guess I owe you an explanation of how I've managed through life with what little remains of my person you spared".

I'm just glad it's not so often I hear from these people, I'd probably have to publish a book or something.
09 June 2014 @ 08:48 am
Apparently I don't need to worry about finding a Pokémon plush for my cousin's new little daughter. One of his friends already got her one - and from what I could understand it's an Eevee plush.

They've got good taste! :D

My Aunt was rather blunt about it when she saw the plush for the first time. When my cousin explained her it's a Pokémon plush she merely exclaimed "So it's a Kari plush!". You know you collect something hardcore when your name defines a brand, APPARENTLY ಠ_ಠ
04 June 2014 @ 08:13 am
Welp, thanks to my super nice colleagues I've managed to swap work days, so today's my last workday before my vacation rather than it being this Saturday. The rest of this week and all of next week in pure freedom *_*

So after work this evening I'm heading up north to my parents. My colleagues find it a bit weird that crashing at my parents' is described as a "vacation" (they're the type of people who travel to Southern Europe several times per year) but to me I get to relax and have fun and that's what makes it a vacation for me. And company, most importantly. After work I'm always by myself and while I live with that no problem, it's also nice to spend some weeks per year with other people during my free time. And since I have no friends in the offline world, my family will do ^_^;

We're going to IKEA in Aalborg sometime next week. I haven't been to Aalborg since I moved away from there. Which is five years ago o_o So I'm really looking forward to revisiting that city.

As for my current neighbours they've been surprisingly quiet since last weekend's drama. I think the guy was kicked out only to be promptly replaced by some other guy who at least doesn't yell nearly as loudly or as much. I heard the woman talk about needing to clean up big time, so I guess the kicked-out guy was at fault for all the ugly mess everywhere? It'll be interested to see if the place will look drastically different when I return. Or if they'll have tried to break into my home. I'm locking everything up, though, so good luck is all I can say.

On a random note, I love my car ;_; It's my metal hero, covered in dead insects and dirt, I've grown to love driving because it's such a perfect vehicle, oh my god.
01 June 2014 @ 04:32 pm
I've talked with the police. Not so much because of the loud arguement next door, but because one of my neighbour's friends had broken a window in the empty apartment on the other side of mine. I saw the culprit so the police wanted my description.

They didn't directly scold me, but they weren't pleased I didn't call them the moment all the ruckus broke out. Uhh, how about thanking me for reporting about the broken window? I was the one who discovered that, after all. I could've easily just have shrugged it off as not my problem. Not that I would, but jeez that belittling command didn't sit well with me.

Then again, they didn't know I've dealt with the police before and how that one time where my former neighbour was harrassing and threatening me, I called them and was simply told there was nothing they could do about that since it wasn't urgent (=he didn't try to kill me) so I could just tough it up and make sure not to show fear. So how I should find the need to IMMEDIATELY call the police this time when I wasn't even involved whatsoever is pretty hard to explain. I assured them that if I see the culprit around again or if the drama next door flares up again, I'll call them promptly, no problem.

I'm KINDA starting to think Southern Jutland sucks big time >:/
01 June 2014 @ 09:24 am
I have the worst luck with neighbours, seriously.

When I moved in to this new place I was told that my neighbours were socially challenged people. But I was assured that their problems are solely taken out on themselves, they've never ever directly bothered anybody else. The worst I could expect was hearing some yelling, but that's it. Compared to my old neighbour I could deal with it.

So I was sorely disappointed when I found out I've been lied to - or the neighbours have simply gotten worse with time. Their kids are very interested in me and try to initiate any contact with me and have gone so far as to chime down my door bell until I'd finally open my door only to watch them run away. I've since given them a major scolding and they haven't done that since.
Their dad yells a lot which didn't come as a surprise - I have been warned about that after all. But he yells at the kids (and they, naturally, learn that yelling is normal and childrens' yelling is just that more annoying) and at their dog who doesn't obey the slightest; How should it know that yelling means *very* angry and it should obey now or else, when it's ALWAYS yelled at? So it always minds its own business and does what it wants. They never clean up after their dog either, might I add. I'm glad I put up a fence so nobody can access my property, but it's still very unsightly.

Their garage is a nightmare. It's full of crap and junk so their car can't even park in there and for some incomprehensible reason they leave the garage port open so everybody can look at their mess all day long. They never clean up after themselves either.

I've dealt with it since, apart from the few episodes with those kids, they've at least left me alone so I left the rest to the landlords to handle. Who can't do much else but give them warnings.

Well, this weekend has been the absolute worst. The couple's relationship has always been strained from what I've heard, but as it apparently turns out, the girlfriend/wife has had a habit of partying on a regular basis, leaving the kids in their fathers' care - and while the wife has been out partying, she's apparently been cheating on her husband/boyfriend. And yesterday he found out about it. He's been an explosive fit of rage ever since, yelling and screaming and trashing about like a madman, angrily trash-talking his kids and how he didn't even want them and he's always hated being stuck at home with those "shitty brats" just so she could go out and cheat on him. All while the kids are there to hear it all.

The guy's friends - or they're the woman's friends I don't know - have visited on and off to yell back at the guy and good grief it's been straining to listen to. I don't know whether to call the police at this point or not, they've been arguing and trashing about ever since yesterday and been going on all night and even now at 9 AM they're still at it. My other neighbours in the surrounding houses don't seem phased at all and from what I can gather haven't taken any action. I'll probably at least call the police's hotline to get guidance about what to do or expect.

I don't really care about their relationship and their current situation - they're both adults (presumably...) so they can mess around in their own crap all they want, but I'm really worried about their kids. Apart from their two children who I estimate are six and four years old respectively, there's also a small baby about six months or so and from what I could hear of it, he's emotionally damaged. At one point he cried but it wasn't the type of crying you'd expect. It's almost a sort of whimper, as if he's excusing for existing but still wants to express a little bit that he's unhappy. I don't know how to describe it, but he doesn't sound like a child who's had the emotional contact with his parents. Haven't exactly heard anobody comfort him either, they've been too busy yelling at eachother.
And I find it absolutely sickening how the two bigger kids don't seem bothered by their parents' violent arguement at all. Yesterday they sat outside in the grass, playing happily, while their parents cussed eachother out very loudly. It was a really disturbing scenario.

What a miserable situation.
29 May 2014 @ 04:44 pm
So while waiting for today's Pokémon episodes to be available I decided to finish up organizing my small figures in my glass cabinet. Today's a holiday so I have all the time in the world anyway.


either my figures collection's too big or my glass cabinet is too small!Collapse )
26 May 2014 @ 07:23 am

25 May 2014 @ 03:32 pm
Finally a day off and I started it out with sleeping like a champ.

Then I inhaled four mugs (!) of coffee and then lurked around on the internet. Then I decided to try and continue my impossible mission of displaying my collection. It goes along slowly, but it's really hard finding a way to organize everything.

I'm far from done (it's mainly the small figures I need to organize now, though. They're a huge pain in the ass to sort through), but have some pics of how it looks so far:

My home is really starting to look niceCollapse )

I've realised a downside to living back on the ground again, compared to living on the top floor: Fucking spiders EVERYWHERE. I've almost daily seen a fat spider speed across the floor. Unfortunately for them, however, I'm a cold-blooded killer. Either that or VERY competent with a vacuum cleaner. Pesky little bastards.
24 May 2014 @ 02:23 pm
On my way home from work today I was about to pass these two bicyclists who were driving the opposite way of me.

I did wonder why one of them wore such an odd helmet.

Turned out it was a horseface mask.

I nearly killed myself because I lost it.